Our Artist


AZRINA RAHIM is an artist who is enthusiastic about all forms of art. Graduated at the top of the class in Diploma in Architectural Technology at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology in the year 2013 and completed Bachelor in Applied Science in the year 2015 from Curtin University with an Award in Leadership.

She started her career as an Assistant Architect with a firm. Later on, she explored into the entertainment industry where instead of building houses, she built shooting sets and concert stages. After years in the industry, Covid-19 took a toll on the entertainment industry, she returned to built environment where she worked as an interior designer in a development company.

Azrina was first showed signs of a disorder as young as 16 years old. Multiple episodes and incidents forced her to see a psychiatrist and finally was diagnosed with Dissociative Identity Disorder at the age of 23. Years later, she was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, and after a relapse very recently, she fell into the 20% of population that has overlapping diagnosis of Bipolar type II and Borderline Personality Disorder. Throughout the years, she also had to endure episodes of anxiety, panic, as well as OCD.

Having experiencing the symptoms at a young age, she turned to art as a coping mechanism. Azrina has always loved painting. It is her was of expressing words she can’t say. She has always been a creative person and as her condition got worse, the better her art got. Her work can be found at

Over the years, she never let her diagnosis define who she is. Despite the uncomfortable remarks or  discrimination; be it work, social, even and relationships, she kept progressing through her recovery. There was a lot that she had to battle through but ultimately she’d rather win the war where she gets to be a part of a movement that breaks the stigma on mental disorder and illness.


AMANI MAZUKI A creative soul with a Business and IT background, Amani strives to live her passion for art. Without any formal art education or training, she pushes boundaries beyond her technical and strategic thinking.


2019 was the pinnacle year she fell in love with art. While travelling in Toulouse, she found herself heartbroken and mesmerised all at the same time by Antonio Rodriguez Luna's El Bombardeo de Colmenar Viejo (1937).


A wounded empathetic heart with an abundance of emotions, painting was the only way she could channel her pain, love and journey. A strong advocate of Mental Health Awareness alongside Women’s and Children’s Rights, she believes that this vulnerable group of people are misunderstood, abused and disregarded of their emotions and opinions for far too long.


She believes that every single human being deserves a chance to feel safe, loved and cared for. After years of fighting for these causes, she has decided to put her mental health and art as the forefront of her career in 2020. With tons of family and friends support, it was finally the time to reveal her art to the world.

Amani's work can be seen at @amanipaints