SHIFTING THE PARADIGM is an independent effort art exhibition aiming to advocate mental health awareness through art. The exhibition will be a two days exhibition and expected to be launched on the 10th of October 2020 in conjunction of World Mental Health Awareness day.

This exhibition will consist of expressive hand-painted artwork, informational digital graphic art, photography work depicting various disorders, and a video interview with the experts in the field aiming to educate and enlighten the audience in hopes to change the stigma of mental illness within the society.

This project is intended to collaborate with mental health associations, renowned psychologist and psychiatrist, as well other artists that have experienced the same or similar illness as it would show in their work.

The idea behind the exhibition is to show that people with mental
disorder can be a productive member of society. By exhibiting work of art by people who suffers through a disorder, it will bring awareness to the public as the idea of the exhibition is not only to showcase artwork but fighting all the stigma that is associated to people with mental disorder. The video footage of interviews with professionals and patients detailing information that will on display will hopefully be insightful to the public  breaking the negative stigma on mental disorder
in Malaysia.

Our Objective

  • To expose the society to a deeper understanding of mental disorder and mental care.

  • To educate the society to better understand the people who suffer through mental disorder through art.

  • To give exposure to amateur artists who suffers through a disorder to showcase their work.

  • To convince society that people with mental disorder – despite the stigma- can perform and be a positive contribution to the community.

  • To demonstrate an act of compassion and support to people who suffers through a disorder that they are not alone.

  • To promote art as a method of therapy for people who suffer through a disorder.